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Seffen Treuhand GmbH, Berlin


For the past 20 years we have made it our area of expertise to accompany real-estate investors, owners and their partners in a fiducial and advisory capacity. In the forefront of our work is the comprehensive administration of investments made in real-estate through the entire process.

This involves the stages of examination of the property during purchase or investment, the period of day-to-day management up to the optimisation of strategies for amortisation.

In our experience each of these stages are associated with complex questions.

Concurrent to the task in hand, legal and tax options, concerning both the transaction itself as well as the organisation, are registered, which - along with professional reports - will form a sound basis for business decisions to be taken by investors or property owners.

In accordance with your needs we will optimise the tax and legal framework of your investment and, if so wished, take on all operative tasks including the complete representation and realisation of your interests.

In the case of family pools we will of course take into account our clients wishes regarding the optimisation of matters concerning tax on gifts and inheritance.


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